A List of Companies that Support CISPA


According to Internet activist Aaron Swartz, the proposed Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA), which passed the House of Representatives this week, is even worse than the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) that was sidelined by a public outcry last winter.Swartz told Russia Today that whereas SOPA was exclusively “about giving the government the power to censor the Internet,” CISPA has the same kind of censorship provisions but “is more like a Patriot Act for the Internet.”“It sort of lets the government run roughshod over privacy protections and share personal data about you,” he explained, “take it from Facebook and Internet providers and use it without the normal privacy protections that are in the law. … It’s an incredibly broad and dangerous bill.”“The thing about this bill is it doesn’t really have any protections against cyber threats,” Swartz added. “All it does is make people share their information. But that’s not going to solve the problem. What’s going to solve the problem is actual security measures, protecting the service in the first place, not spying on people after the fact.”Swartz was a well-known programmer and blogger, as well as an activist with a particular interest in open information. He was investigated by the FBI in 2009 after he released 20% of the PACER database of U.S. federal court decisions and the official story is that he “committed suicide” on January 11, 2013 – even though his father publicly stated that Aaron was killed by the government. http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2012/04/29/activist-decries-cispa-as-a-patriot-act-for-the-internet/

Fuck CISPA - Stop censoring Internet

  • ACCEL Partners:         @accel
  • Akamai:                       @akamai
  • Amgen:                        @amgen
  • Apple:                          @apple_worldwide
  • Arch Ventrue Partners:          ???
  • AT&T:                           @att
  • Bidgely:                        @bidgely
  • BloomEnergy:              @bloom_energy
  • Broadcomm:                @Broadcom
  • ChargePoint:                @ChargePointnet
  • Cisco:                           @CiscoSystems
  • Craigslist:                     @craigslist
  • Covington & Burling LLP:        @CovingtonLLP
  • Davis Write Tremaine, LLP:      ????
  • Dell:                              @Dell
  • Dewey Square Group: @DeweySquare
  • ebay:                            @ebay
  • eHealth:                           ???
  • Elance:                         @Elance
  • EMC:                            @EMCcorp
  • Encryptics:                   @encryptics
  • Enernoc:                      @EnerNOC
  • etagen:                            ???
  • F5 Networks:               @f5networks
  • Facebook:                   @facebook
  • FloDesign:                      ???
  • Gap Inc:                      @GapInc
  • Genentech:                 @Genentech
  • Gilead Sciences:         @GileadSciences
  • Global Foundries:          ???
  • Goodwin Procter:          ???
  • Google:                        @google
  • GridX:                           ???
  • HP (Hewlett Packard): @HP
  • Intel                             @Intel
  • Intellectual Ventures:  @IVinvents
  • Juniper Networks:       @JuniperNetworks
  • KPCB:                         @kpcb
  • Lee and Hayes:                ???
  • LiveOps:                      @LiveOps
  • Lucid:                          @luciddg
  • Madrona Investment Group:       @MadronaVentures
  • Marvell:                             ???
  • Microsoft:                     @microsoft
  • MIND Research:          @MIND_Research
  • Nasdaq OMX:              @NASDAQOMX
  • Oracle:                         @oracle
  • Palantir Technologies:          @PalantirTech
  • pfizer:                         @pfizer_news
  • pointb:                         @PointB
  • Pokeware:                   @PokewarePR
  • Rackspace Hosting:    @rackspace
  • Reboot Partners:             ???
  • SalesForce:                 @salesforce
  • SilverSpring:                @silverspringnet
  • SmartSheet:                @smartsheet
  • Spokeo:                       @spokeo
  • Stanford University:     @stanford
  • SV Angel:                     @svangel
  • Sillicon Valley Bank Fin Grp:   @SVB_Financial
  • Symantec:                    @symantec
  • Synopsys:                     @synopsys
  • TechNexus:                  @TechNexus
  • T-Mobile:                       @tmobile
  • Tendril:                         @tendril
  • VeriFone:                      @verifone
  • Verisign:                       @verisign
  • Visa:                              @visa
  • WGBH:                          @wgbh
  • WSGR:                          @wilsonsonsini
  • Yahoo!:                          @yahoo
  • yelp:                               @yelp
  • TechNet:                        @technetnews


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  • @(company’stwitteradress) your company is willing to take down our privacy, then we are willing to take down your company, greeting #anonymous
  • @(company’stwitteradress) Oppose Cispa if you value any privacy in our digital world
  • @(company’stwitteradress) we are deeply unhappy that the House seems poised to destroy everyone’s online and by extension offline privacy
  • @(company’stwitteradress) CISPA overrides existing privacy law, and grants broad immunities to participating companies.
  • @(company’stwitteradress) We’re not going to sacrifice all of our liberties for the illusion of safety.
  • @(company’stwitteradress) your support of CISPA shows your hypocrisy, asking everyone else to give up their right to privacy, while you remain able to hold onto yours.