FEMEN, the Antigones, & Patriarchy Theory

Sometimes we see feminism as a must be correct. Is it because we are inclined to side with underdogs, or is it because we know that over the course of history, women have had to be the support system, the second in command, and the one’s who didn’t lead the pack. Maybe this is because of machismo male posturing, or perhaps it draws from men being fierce fighters, and women adapting other skills to present to the tribe, or collective group. There might be a viable reason why the NBA doesn’t play the WNBA. We separate the genders in many things. Yet “Separate but Equal” . . . still leaves a bad taste in our mouth, and even just the notion, or the whiff of the notion starts a domino effect which trigger a slew of montages in our heads.

The gays and the feminists more than a few things in common. One of those is strategy. You don’t fight a civil rights movement with clubs and pitch forks anymore. It’s not one armada against another. Like Sid Meier, Civilization®, what we have is a culture war being waged. Hollywood is the stage, and Religious principles, doctrine, and history are your pitch forks and clubs. Satire and Sardonic humor pit against philosophy and iconography. You’ll see images and videos cataloging the debate. Not so much sit down back and forths, but assemblies staging a sort of coup d’état against this idea of Patriarchy theory; or in simpler terms against the white men who have positioned themselves at the top.

This notion, that mean have been oppressing women; willfully throughout history. It’s not to say that women haven’t been vital, nor to limit their ability to take charge and make a name for themselves, or their group. In fact, women are doing very well in the class room, in business boardrooms and as CEOs, CFOs, and leaders of nations. But some groups want more. More faster. Change needs to happen NOW! And that’s when it gets radical. The zealots come out.

Enter into the picture radical feminism, and a new group called FEMEN (femen.org)

ODTÜ this campus in Ankara, which is on the construction of the disputed territory, which destroyed 3,000 trees to build one of the regular business of the centers. This place has seen many protests in recent years. But six days ago, the Municipality of Ankara, taking advantage of a religious holiday, illegally entered the campus, accompanied by the police at 10 pm to resume construction. The news spread on Twitter, students gathered for a protest, they gathered to defend their campus, but they were attacked with tear gas. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday brazenly declared that the students who were protesting against the felling of trees behave like thugs. He also added that “nothing, no trees, not even a mosque can not stand in the way of civilization.” “My name is Guntulu, I am from Turkey FEMEN. 6 days ago, the Turkish government has destroyed 3,000 trees in the park of the Near-Eastern University (ODTU), both at Taksim. But we the people of Turkey are accustomed to act boldly and decisively. We will resist the totalitarian regime and dictatorship Erdogan! ” The women’s movement FEMEN officially announces the opening of its office in Turkey. Photographed by Egem Moğultay

Self Described as Sextremists the group FEMEN‘s slogan states: “Our mission is protest, our weapons are bare breasts.”

Women in Femen


Femen activist Oksana Shachko sits at table in her room in Kiev. Oksana, 25, one of the few founding members of Femen, studied iconography in the city of Khmelnitsky and rents a room in an apartment in Kiev. Reuters/Gleb Garanich
Femen activist Oksana Shachko paints a wall of her room in Kiev. Ukrainian activist group Femen is famous for holding topless protests in Ukraine and abroad demonstrating for women’s rights. Reuters/Gleb Garanich



The Ukranian feminist group Femen – renowned for staging protests featuring topless young women – is controlled by a man who yells at them and calls them “bitches”, a new documentary claims.

Ukraine is not a Brothel also reveals that Victor Svyatski, who is “outed” as the founder and mastermind of the group, hand-picks the prettiest girls for their media-friendly protests.

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The Antigones

Meet the Antigones: an antidote to breast-baring ‘terrorist’ group FEMEN

The Antigones consists of a group of 25 or so attractive French women clad in virginal white dresses. On their website they quote Antigones declaring “I was born to join in love, not hate.”

June 10, 2013 (LifeSiteNews.com) – The breast-baring, self-styled female “terrorist” group FEMEN, which has become known the world over for its provocative, often violent protests against “patriarchy”, fascism, prostitution and religion, seems to have met its match.

The Antigones, named after the woman of Greek mythology who in Sophocles’ play was sentenced to death for choosing to follow “Divine Law” in opposition to the “man-made laws” of a tyrant, consists of a group of 25 or so attractive French women clad in virginal white dresses. On their website they quote Antigones declaring “I was born to join in love, not hate,” a clear reference to their opposition to FEMEN’s breasts-and-placard, spittle-flecked protest style.

Seeming inversions of their infamous adversaries, but employing similar guerrilla marketing tactics, the Antigones scored a media coup when their de facto leader, 21-year-old Iseul Turan, announced through a video interview released on YouTube on June 1st that she had infiltrated the France division of FEMEN for a period of two months.

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