New Turn of Events for my 2nd Gen Kindle

Fixing my Kindle (2nd Gen)

For a long time now, I’ve been trying to figure out how to fix my Kindle2. The screen has gone Dark grey. The letters are still black, and visible; although the contrast is not comfortable. What makes it even more uncomfortable is that the next pages text on any document or book that i’m reading on the device, shows up behind the black text in the field of dark grey in a muted, hazy white.

This isn't a pic of my Kindle, but it shows how a screen can start to become unreadable.

So there is a lot going on with my screen. It was perfect, until I dropped it in the snow, during the days I lived in Iowa. I couldn’t find it – because it was white, and it came back with a corner of the display no longer showing anything. It was a small price to pay, but the beginning of the decline of my working Kindle2. Continue reading “New Turn of Events for my 2nd Gen Kindle”


The Verge: A Google+ Back & Forth over Platforms « the Squished Diorama

This one goes out to all those guys who desperately want to tell me how much better Android is than Apple iOS. From the stats that they want to give me touting how fast their lil contraption goes, or how everyone is on Android and the number keeps on growing. Yes, I understand that a lot of companies are riding on this Android OS of Google’s. Android seems to be like the Constructicons of the Transformer family; just waiting to join together all their stats and numbers to become this huge Transformer to take on any one of the Autobots by force. I get it. You wanna be top dawg, and you kinda still resent how everyone loved the first and second iphones over your products. You are still a little bent that the iPad and iPad2 are besting any other tablet on the market.

With all these companies trying to ramp up a better product, you have allegedly surpassed the iPhone in speed and power, while claiming that Android has also taken the iPhone in sales as well. It’s interesting, that you count Android numbers by the total amount of sales, and not individually count each companies handsets. So your numbers are skewed Android heads. And now with Android’s new Developer site, you are starting to be able to put together Apps in a similar way that iOS Apps are created. I congratulate your JAVA developers on starting the long road to having a platform which seamlessly works together; you know the way iTunes & the App Store do for the iOS.

One of the reasons I will consistently pick Apple products, now more than ever, is because the Apps are better. I know there are some apps that are on both platforms, but also Apple makes sure that my experience is not only powerfully pleasant, but that there are standards so that I know I’m getting a superior brand. Android just seems to be a method by which all the sub-par companies keep up with apple. Google – i love you, but you are better than this. I am waiting for you to update Google Apps, get a clue with mobile devices and kick it into gear. I am waiting Google. I love Google+, i’m loving the Google Apps (for Docs and Apps, wish i could say the same about SITES).

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