Who’s Using Google Hangouts For SMS & Why Or Why not?

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(REPOST/Comment): The one thing Apple must do to keep me as an iPhone customer I’ve been a faithful iPhone owner for over five years, but unless the next model has this feature, I’m switching to Android.

This is a response to some of the comments in the post on CNET :

The one thing Apple must do to keep me as an iPhone customer

I’ve been a faithful iPhone owner for over five years, but unless the next model has this feature, I’m switching to Android.

Here are the comments i’m responding to:



Whenever someone talks about copycatting it’s this bizarre idea, that the company that they are copying came up with all these notions all by themselves. Samsung didn’t invent the stylus. I think that copycatting, or manipulating technology out there in the marketplace, or soon to be out there in the marketplace and making it your own is a good frack’n idea.

Android heads always wanna act like iPhone is “copying” their screen size in one conversation, and then beat them up for not changing their screen size in another conversation. If Apple came out with an SD card slot, they’d be copy catting Android, even though many products use an SD card slot. I’m not saying they will ever do this – we even see Android losing the amount of SD card compatible products in their line. Samsung and Sony do seem to be two companies pushing SD or micro SD card support.

I switched away from my iPhone 4, being very much an Apple Fan Boy, and have now “gone Google”. With a Chromebook Pixel, and an HTC One, i can tell you that there are some very good things about the Android system, and there are some bad things. There are some things hardware wise that Apple just does really well at. And some applications are only found on iOS or on the Mac Store; EVEN STILL.

Try finding a journaling app that beats out Day One. Not gonna happen. If you do find it on Android or on Chrome, please let me know.

After Steve Jobs died a number of things happened to Apple. They went even more corporate than normal. They are concerned about maximizing their earnings rather than making the best tech experience out there.

I’d like to see Apple start opening up their eco-system the way that Google is doing, so that it can be licensed through other carriers. Imagine being able to have and pay for apple type apps on WP or Android, the way Google does.

ImageI joined the Android side (the darkside) because in the long run i want to support open-source environments. I see Google getting along with the other kids in the sandbox, and offering data that is true and as accurate as possible. I know that Android isn’t as open-source as it used to be, but it really is something that works with other competitors well.

I’m really hoping that Photoshop goes cloud-based the way that Office 365 has. I would like to see the same for Final Cut Pro, or Sony Vegas. But, the truth is – these companies are fighting for market-shares in a fierce competitive environment that hinges on stock investments, and technologies of the future. Don’t get pissed at others for picking a different brand. it’s just lame.
Things i would love to see on the new iPhone5S:


  1. Widgets. Bring freak’n widgets. Make the icons move! The home-screen is looking really played out, and coating it with this sheer glassy paint is not going to do it justice. You’ve been making lots of money Apple, selling the same old thing with a different processor, and a different box, you’ve got to double down, and re-think the whole system.
  2. Open up. Play nice with others. There is this ridiculous idea that everyone has to work with Apple products, but Apple products don’t have to work with PC or ChromeOS, or Android, or WP. Stop being asses, and open up. Or shut up, and sulk in the corner as everyone leaves.
  3. I’d like to see users able to select their choice of app for default. In the Apple or iOS environment, the OS defaults to the Apple App. This is great if you make the best app for everything. That used to be somewhat the case. Apple used to make AMAZING apps for things. You’d say: “Yeah, but that app comes free on a mac” and everyone would kinda look at their shoes because they had to shell out a grip for something that does that. Not the case anymore. If you love creativity, let others make apps that can be the default. This breeds competition, it allows those out there making apps to gun for the users. If you have to go find the app, and click on it to use it, it ruins the experience. In Android, it will ask you: do you want to open this/use this with – and list all the possibilities. You can have the system ask you just this time, every time, or you can select the app you want to perform this action, and it will always use that option (until you change it). AWESOME! DO that! I don’t care if Android heads call you a copy cat, do that and don’t look back.
  4. Allow users to delete Apple Apps. They’ll still be in the cloud, in itunes, and on the App store. They won’t have to pay for them to download them again, they’ll just not be on your device anymore. Because if your apps suck and i’m not going to use them, i don’t want to keep them on my device. You can do analytics on how many people delete your apps, and what apps they are using instead, and maybe this will help you make better apps.
  5. Sync better. Dear God, Apple learn how to sync things. I’ve had to deal with multple versions of everyone’s email addresses, multiple calendar stuff. All kinds of duplicates on my device, on my mac and on my iPad. Sync. I’ve paid for .Mac, Mobile Me, and now that iCloud is free, you’d expect that everything JUST WORKS. it doesn’t. fix it. Doesn’t anyone actually test their products anymore? One other thing: a freebie – in the Apple/iOS/Mac-verse if something is broken, it’s just broken. You go into discussions and talk on message boards but many times, it’s just broke, everyone knows it, and they are waiting till next year when the new one comes out to fix it. FIX IT NOW!!! Get someone on it. I don’t care if you have to hire Scott Forestall back, hire someone to fix the problems. This idea that it’s just broke, and that’s that is lame.

Things i’m looking to do in the future. I want my iPhone to slip into a DSLR, and become the camera. Similar to what Sony is doing by making lenses for smartphones. I want an iPhone to do this on a prestigious lens line like Canon, Nikon, Sony.

I’d like to see easier ways to cut a video and put it on the internet. I’m thinking something that works well with VideoPress. I’m thinking about what you do with photos, and making share-able slides and stuff. We want video filters, and transitions that look sharp.!

Siri needs to be much more like Google Now. We’ve got the ideas just start implementing them. And she needs to be able to listen to what is actually said better. I’m having to repeat myself over and over, and it looks like i’m arguing with my hand in the grocery store.

And finally, MAPS – you gotta get better at maps. Maps for people who drive, who train, who bus, who look for businesses, people who climb, who GPS, for people who want to dig, for people who need map info, and those who just want to look at a pretty map. You are close, but you gotta get better data, quickly. Do you know how many people use their smartphone to get places?

Maybe before switching away from Google Maps, you can test out your new map product for awhile to make sure it works. Loan it out to a couple of your close jetsetter friends. Network with places that have data on stuff. And for Goodness sake, stop getting into fights with Google.

Allow people to default to Google stuff if they want to. When i purchased my HTC One, i had plans on going back to Apple when the new iPhone came out. I really did. I thought, i’ll go back, i’ll buy an iPhone, and i’ll be back into all my iOS stuff.

All that has changed. I’m not seeing Apple in the same light anymore. Even though i don’t really like Larry Ellison, i can see his point when he says that we have already seen how Apple fares without Steve Jobs. Apple with Steve jobs is way up here, Apple without Steve Jobs, way down here. Apple with Steve Jobs again, way up here. And now we are seeing Apple without Steve Jobs again.


RE: WARNING!!!! If you take photos with your cell phone

A lot of parents are getting alarmed because a news channel scared them into the understanding that their cell phone GPS works with their camera and can show exact locations of where all the pictures were taken. But . . . WE ALREADY KNEW THAT!

I mean if you think about it, if you really took a moment to figure this out, you knew what your GPS settings meant when they said that you could turn them off, or not. You knew that it was putting latitude and longitude information on the file itself. And somewhere you knew that that information could be used to place a pinpoint on a map. I mean Apple does it, Google does it, Foursquare, Facebook, almost every app using your GPS is basically taking your coordinates and simply putting a location on a map.

But what is scary is that the news is using this “information” as a scare tactic to inform parents there are a lot of evil doers out there looking to scoop up their kids, and lock them in a basement for 10 years doing unspeakable things to them.

And statistically it’s highly unlikely. I’m not saying it’s not happening, but i am saying that you might get better utility out of your camera if you left your GPS on, and just hung out with your kid once an awhile. If once in awhile you taught them to be clever and astute at recognizing the baddies. Organize a community that cares about things like truth and justice and integrity. Start to fight pornography in a big way, buy a gun; & while we are at it, let’s give up on this idea that everyone can just do whatever they want. It takes a village . . . 

But the scare tactic that i’m seeing, & the continual reposts of the message that will follow are turning into this tidal wave of “OMG! They can see where the children play!” And i think it’s going a little overboard.

Sure, be careful. But NOT everyone is out to get your kids. This DANGERISM that the media is peddling is aimed at pushing you into a certain mind frame. And if you really have no clue about GPS, you probably should get clued in. But don’t go all crazy and act like all technology is bad. Many point and shoot cameras these days are also using GPS.

i’ll leave you with this: Lessons from a locksmith, from Dan Ariely‘s book The (Honest) Truth About Dishonesty

Lessons from locksmithsLessons from locksmiths 1Lessons from locksmiths 2

i found some research that might actually fit into this topic quite nicely: An Ongoing Sex Drive Directed Toward Children – What Causes Someone To Molest? http://goo.gl/6N0SN0


Understanding the Chrome OS Environment

Chromebook Pixel vs. Macbook Air

I’ve been noticing a lot of people who just simply aren’t putting out the right information about Chrome OS, about Chromebooks, and especially miscalculating the value of something like a Chromebook Pixel. I just picked up Google’s Chromebook Pixel off of Ebay for $964.35 usd (even as I was looking to pay full price 1449.99 +shipping) off of an auction from someone who “only opened it once to check it out,” after receiving it free as a Developer at Google i/O (which took place on May 15th of this year).

Luckily, my Pixel will come in the box with everything unredeemed almost as if it were brand new. For the sake of argument we’ll trust the buyer and say it is brand new, albeit “opened boxed”. Time will tell.  I consider this a HUGE value, and more inline with the price point people are looking to pay for a “mid-ranged” Chromebook, something around $600-$900. But, i find that the Pixel is very much high-end and worthy of the price point that it is being set at, due to the 1TB of Google Drive, and the clean and fast OS.

When talking to people about what they would add to the Pixel, the Haswell Processor is about the only thing that comes up. And although I’d love to have a Haswell Processor in my Pixel for longer battery life, I don’t think i’m going to wait that long to have it. We also don’t know for sure, if Google is going to make it. It could be Acer or Asus, and although I do give them a nod for making Chromebooks, they aren’t making the quality of Chromebooks i’m interested in.

A lot of People are using this word “browser” disdainfully, with almost a sneer as they say it, when they refer to Chromebooks. And yet, if they understood, i think they could open up to some of the collaboration, and power behind cloud computing.

Here is a comment I clipped from a recent discussion on ZDNet. My response is the rest of the blog.


So basically, you want the Chrome Browser and a PC or Mac, and not a Chromebook. Let’s explain quickly what Chrome OS is, so you can understand what it is meant to do.

What sort of desktop applications are you running?I think a lot of times, it’s hard for people to wrap their brains around Chrome OS. it’s sleek, and it eliminates much of the clutter of the PC and even Mac life. I was a big Apple fan boy, until recently, and i started noticing that all the things that i trust most, tend to be on the Google side. I love Gmail, and Google News, Google +, Youtube and Chrome. Oh, how i loved Chrome! Still do.

With Chrome OS, it turns that whole experience of Chrome into an OS. A light and fast and beautifully simple OS. One of the things you have to understand, is that Chrome is built for the Cloud. There are more and more web apps that are being made to store locally, but the embodiment of Chrome OS is Cloud based computing. Why this is better IMHO is that you allow your security, and backup, your computing power to be handled on Google’s servers. Very powerful, very in tuned servers, all managed by the best minds in the business.

Google Apps for business showed me the power of being able to collaborate through Google. And Google Drive is a big part of that. You don’t have to send copies of things like docs or presentations, you can simply share them with a given audience. And later, you can restrict that audience. It’s a wonderful system.

Amazon is now selling a SanDisk Extreme 128 GB SDXC Class 10 UHS-1 Flash Memory Card 45MB/s SDSDX-128G-X46 for $152.94 - and that should shut up most people saying that it has no local storage. You can add storage. Fast Storage via SDHC.
Amazon is now selling a SanDisk Extreme 128 GB SDXC Class 10 UHS-1 Flash Memory Card 45MB/s SDSDX-128G-X46 for $152.94 – and that should shut up most people saying that it has no local storage. You can add storage. Fast Storage via SDHC.

But if you game on your computer, and not your XB1/WiiU/PS4/etc, then this might be something you pick up as a secondary machine. If you plug your iPod or Smartphone into your computer to do anything like load songs or modify the OS, this is not really going to be the type of device to do that on. It can’t DO everything. It wasn’t meant to DO everything. But you can instal Linux as a dual boot, through Chrubuntu or Crouton, and then it can do just about everything.

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When I Say I’m NOT Having Kids: FB Bans & Mandi Pandi’s Motherhood

When I Say I'm NOT Having Kids: FB Bans & Mandi Pandi's Motherhood

So a friend posted this on her FB wall, and started in about how she used to think she wanted kids, but she is very glad that she never had them until this point. She now knows she doesn’t EVER want them. She likes to think she would have been a good mother, but now she likes life without the idea of children suits her much better.

“Statements like that is what make you a horrible mother.” – was my comment.

Apparently, it wasn’t as tongue in cheek as i’d like it to come off as, or maybe i should have put a lil “j/k” on the tail of that sentiment, but this is what got me banned from Mandi Pandi’s FB, Google+, text, and email.

If you ever talk to her. Tell her “j/k” for me, would’ja















HTC ONE: Tragedy Narrowly Averted

HTC One Collage

Everyone was saying that the HTC ONE was the phone to buy. This was supposed to be the phone of the year. So many people were saying so many good things about this smartphone. For one it has front facing speakers, and Boom Sound, which was designed to give the phone a premium experience when sharing content with others. Zoe was this new way that the phone catalogued and collaged your photos with a 3 second video looped in to give this curated visage of your life. And the Ultrapixel Camera was supposed to bring in so much light, and just wow us with a new tactic on pixilation. Everyone likes to count megapixels, but a megapixel count is not the end all of photography, they said with proud eyes – like their child had aced the SAT test.

Further more, the 64 GB Developer Edition was to be Sim and Boot-loader Unlocked, and in my hands by April 18th when i pre-ordered it on the wee early morning hours of the 9th. It was supposed to be able to work on any carrier – except Verizon, (who straight away decided they were not going to be carrying this device – or at least not this device called the HTC One) – and they were not going to support it either, since they only support Verizon devices. This left open Sprint (WCDMA), Tmobile (GSM), At&t (GSM), and several other lesser brands like Virgin Mobile and Cricket. Right away i found out that Virgin, Sprint and Verizon would not support this device because it is unlocked. So those were out. At&t wants me to only get 1GB of data if i’m going to use their pay-As-You-Go GoPhone plans, and for some reason, well i know the reason – it’s because of an old At&t Uverse account that they keep trying to bring back to life even though it should remain cancelled – they want a $500 deposit. Now, i like At&t – so i’m not beyond paying this price and grabbing the phone for two years on their regular network, but then i’m still paying quite a bit for data.

Tmo seemed like the only likely answer, since they have a system that allows you to bring your own device, and you can pay $70 for unlimited phone, data and text (either on the Pay-As-You-Go plan, or on their new “No Contract” plans – the latter needs a credit check run). And so that’s where i was at – get the developer edition, everyone was expounding on the unibody construction, going nuts over the boom sound, and basically saying this phone rocks. The downside seemed to be Blink-Feed, an RSS Feed Aggregator, which i didn’t seem to mind having at all. So i was in. And then the phone never came.

iFixit gave the HTC One the lowest score it's ever given a smartphone when it comes to repairability
iFixit gave the HTC One the lowest score it’s ever given a smartphone when it comes to repairability

The phone was supposed to get here on the 18th. And then it was the 19th. Then they said it was going to be on Monday, and when it didn’t ship by Monday, it was going to ship by Tuesday and get here Wednesday. Well, when i called this morning, Wednesday had been backed up for two weeks. So it’s hella late. I’ve been reading up, and people are reporting problems in the manufacturing. The first accounts that came out were the very low repairability score that the HTC One got on ifixit.com.


The HTC One also was showing signs of not being put together as well as the prototypes that everyone was judging and making the reviews off of. There were burrs, and screen deformations. Glass that wasn’t smoothed out correctly, and sharp edges on the speaker grills, misaligned and coming up from where THE GLUE meets the plastic. It was becoming more and more apparent that this phone was not a unibody aluminum phone, but plastic glued onto aluminum in various places to maintain the look of a premium phone, without actually being one.

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Alternatives to Buying A New Macbook Pro


If your mac is getting slower and you are looking to upgrade, but not really jazzed about shelling out 2 Grand to do so, i’m in the same boat. And with Apple backing #CISPA, and many other things going on in the world regarding privacy, i’m looking into alternatives. Here are some of the setups i’ve come up with:

  1. Take your existing Macbook and install Ubuntu or Mint on it. These OS’s are light, and refreshing ways to go “open source”, while keeping your existing hardware. Problems that may occur – your software may need a Linux driver, or it may not work at all. You would then have to find creative work arounds for apps and software you are used to using. I’ve been looking at System 76 and considering just tossing in the towel with Apple and going Linux altogether. Some of their set ups are quite versatile. But it is a different way of doing things, and you may need to find adjustments to the methods you are using already. For instance Final Cut Pro, and Adobe Lightroom are things that i use on the Mac, and would love to keep utilizing in the future. You can use Wine to run Windows programs on Ubuntu:

  2. If you are sticking with Windows instead of Linux because you are concerned there is no equivalent software in Linux for what you use in Windows, this website could be helpful for you.(http://www.linuxalt.com/). Cheap options include: buying a chromebook which i can modify and dual boot ChrUbuntu onto it (http://bit.ly/15CFMkG) giving me the option to shift to Chrome OS and Ubuntu with a click of my finger.The Samsung 11″ Chromebook is only $250 and it includes 100GB of Google Drive storage free for 3 years (an $80 value). The Google Chromebook Pixel starts at $1299 and is much more premium; and you can run Android – or OSX on this device if you were feeling really techie.  By doing any combination of these hacks, you can get past the biggest complaint most nay-sayers of the chromebook experience have, and that is that it can’t install third party apps.

    PS: Get the Samsung 11″ Chromebook over the Acer, as it has USB 3.0 and a more responsive trackpad. The pixel, although it has a lovely screen, and it’s a more premium build does not have USB 3.0, and Google gave the Pixel a display with a 3:2 aspect ratio – which is more square like, and so you would not get “widescreen” look the way you would on other laptops.

    i’ve already purchased an Android phone this year, diverging from my usual iPhone investment, and that may mean being real and asking myself how much i really use Apple pps and how i can get those things on another OS, or through something compatible with Google Chrome or Ubuntu One?

  3. Getting a cheaper version of Mac. The Macbook Air while being light and thin, is still outputting quite a lot of power. And the Mac Mini is a great addition to an already HD HDTV screen. Perhaps, an upgrade to a Retina Display Macbook Pro would be nice and all, but it certainly isn’t kind on the pocketbook. WWDC is coming, and many people think that the Macs are going to get updated as well. So saving now could put you into the right timing for a new whatever.
  4. Going back to Microsoft Windows. My new roommate is telling me all the good things about what Windows and Windows Phone have been up to. I know. I know. Never-mind  let’s save that for a last case scenario.
  5. All things being considered, and no matter what people nowadays want to say about how Apple is deteriorating without Steve Jobs – there is a reason you went with a Macbook in the first place. You probably have all your apps all set up and your interface all worked out, and the hardware and Apple umbrella software married with iOS do create a premium feel. It might be easier in the long run to accept that having a proper machine to do the job is important, and just start saving up for a newer Macbook Pro, when they come out in June.

Defending the AppleTV Experience

+Jason Gregory if you purchase Apple Products, you get a game system out of the AppleTV with Mirroring. You also can turn your HDTV into a stereo, playing a number of different Apps, streaming, or even playing my iTunes content. For $99, i think it is over-featured.

The other systems don’t do half of what i can do on my AppleTV. Apple doesn’t condone PIRATING, so sometimes, you have to be a little “creative”. I’m okay with that. See if a Roku or Plex can play LEGO Batman, Infinity Blade or Dead Space in HD. It’s not happening. I mean, the AppleTV is no Xbox360, Wii-U, or PS3, but it will keep the kids entertained, or the girlfriend smiling for a couple of hours at a time.

But i get it, if you don’t want to buy stuff from Apple, this is definitely not the device for you. It’s a “fan boy” device if you want to call it that as an insult, but if you are a fan, it does wonders. I use mine almost everyday. I like Google products too! I’m really hoping that Samsung or Google or somebody will make a Chromebox that actually utilizes USB 3.0 and will allow me to connect to an external HD to view all my content on my HDTV (with 1080P resolution) – so i can graduate away from the laptop, and turn the living room into a computer. I’m hoping. But, i’m probably going to have to buy a Mac Mini to do that. I’ll pay the extra $200 just because Apple will do it right. And i’m okay with that.

I’m waiting for Android, Google Play, & Chrome Marketplace to do it RIGHT. And to be honest, they are getting SUPER close. I mean how perfect is the Galaxy SIII?  And look at the strides Amazon is making with Amazon Prime! Also, I’m really excited about the idea of the Nexus 4, because of the statement it makes to the carriers by making a phone so affordable at an unlocked price. And i’m loving WP8 (especially the Nokia Lumia 920) from afar. But i’ll never go back to Windows. And Google Docs is just a little too choppy for my tastes. I still use it, but Pages & Keynote is where it’s at.

So what’s wrong with liking stuff that is well thought out, beautiful, and closed source? I know that Apple will continue to make good products (at-least i have faith they still will even amongst their employees struggling to replace Steve Jobs). I’m not worried about who sells the most phones, or who has the fastest processor. I’m loving the experience. And why not, with as much as I’ve handed over to Apple, I know my content is all in the cloud for me, in the capable hands of a company with amazing stock – even on a bad day – waiting for my next device to play it.

Surveillance in the World, the Tor Project & Jacob Applebaum


Below is a couple of youtube videos with Jacob Applebaum (one of my heroes. He is a passionate hacker/advocate for freedom on the internet). He works on the Tor Project:

It’s pretty interesting (a little verbose, but provocative and prevalent to the conversation, and the plight of surveillance on the internet).

In 2008, Google said there’s no such thing as complete privacy. You’re being tracked all over the web by their AdSense ads, by sites that use Google Analytics and – probably the most important – their search engine. But Google Search isn’t the only search engine that tracks your behavior. (This is a little out of date, but it might help you keep some of your data from the search engines and FB type social networks): How to Stop Google, Yahoo & Bing from Tracking Your Clicks http://cybernetnews.com/how-to-stop-google-yahoo-bing-from-tracking-your-clicks/Image

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The CLOUD: The Most Insecure Place to Put Your Trust

I’m hearing SCARY STUFF in terms of SECURITY, or the lack of PRIVACYon +Google Drive and other Cloud Products.

Remember when they said that #TheCloud was going to be safe and secure, and encrypted – so that you can use the cloud and not have anyone snooping around your documents. It’s one of the major selling points for +Google Docs: Give up your server and allow the professionals to do it (namely +Google Developers) who will make sure your information is safe and secure – while you handle the business matters that pertain to what your business does.

WELL NOW THEY ARE LIARS! WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? Everyone who IS “the cloud” seems to be rolling over and handing access to our personal and professional data like the (cell phone companies have done years prior). It wasn’t too long ago (2006) when Google refused to hand over records about the search requests of millions of its users to federal prosecutors. But times have certainly changed. It’s as if MY PRIVACY, and MY RIGHT TO MY PRIVACY is meaningless. If you ever get a judge in court to look over one of these privacy concerns, they are either highly uninformed and understand nothing of the workings of the internet and the past two decades or kick out platitudes like: “If you didn’t want it to be public, why would you post it online?”, or both.

What I want to say is: “Well, you technophobe & half wit, we have the technology to make sure that this information is encrypted, but we seemingly don’t have the integrity behind the bench, in the legal system nor through the technology companies we place our trust in, (who, incidentally, are the very one’s who originally pitch the security of the cloud) to keep it encrypted.”

Handing over my data to +The United States of America – USA is a deal breaker. Nobody, seemingly can keep their grubby lil’ hands out of my cloud. it’s absolutely unnerving! Continue reading “The CLOUD: The Most Insecure Place to Put Your Trust”

Udacity & Khan Academy

One of the things that fuels my political point of view is this idea that we should have HARVARD EVERYWHERE. I have questioned, numerous times, and had conversations with people in a debate, theoretical, and philosophical manner regarding what it would take to push education that far.

Instantly, I am met with the problems that come with Capitalism. “The rich would stop you” one of my friends had stated. “There just isn’t going to be a way to side step the fact that people with wealth feel like they should have more privilege than those without. And part of that privilege is having an ivy league, or a prestigious degree from a prestigious university.” Harvard, he postulated would have to kick it up a notch, thus you would have education for all, but a much better education for the wealthy.

Over the last couple of years I have been engaged in study on crowd sourcing, expert sourcing, and utilizing technology to automate, and explore options to create something in the cloud that competes with traditional business models, economic models, and educating myself by means other than spending a slew of money on what i have deemed a “piece of paper that says I’m smart.”

We’ve heard people say that paying for an education these days just isn’t worth it. The amount of debt that you have coming out of your University or College puts you into a role of an indentured servent to your own degree. There is also the “college experience” which has been overly glamorized, and the role of partying during your path to being a scholar. In fact, the cheating and the pretense that comes with college doesn’t really promote good learning strategies, or skills which are particularly useful in the real world. I have often wondered why this is considered as the route to assertaining whether or not a person is a great pick for employment or not. Many people don’t get into a job in their major, and this begs the question: Are we really learning enough in college to justify the cost?

Text books and tuition have been a way to extort students into paying into this big business of teaching our youth, citizens, and giving them credentials to lead productive lives. But it’s not based off of whether or not you can actually do anything, other than jump through these strange albeit expensive hoops. While Listening to Bill Handle on KFI 640, I heard a beautiful story about Sebastian Thrun, and Sal Khan. Continue reading “Udacity & Khan Academy”

Metaweb & the Internet

Epipheo Studios presents “How the Internet is Changing Advertising”, a short history of communication and how the internet is a new medium that has thrown out the old rules of communication.

A while ago the guys at Metaweb came to us because they said that it was taking them 45 minutes to explain their product. Well, we got it down to three and a half. As it turns out, so many people liked their product that a little company named google decided to buy it.

The Verge: A Google+ Back & Forth over Platforms « the Squished Diorama

This one goes out to all those guys who desperately want to tell me how much better Android is than Apple iOS. From the stats that they want to give me touting how fast their lil contraption goes, or how everyone is on Android and the number keeps on growing. Yes, I understand that a lot of companies are riding on this Android OS of Google’s. Android seems to be like the Constructicons of the Transformer family; just waiting to join together all their stats and numbers to become this huge Transformer to take on any one of the Autobots by force. I get it. You wanna be top dawg, and you kinda still resent how everyone loved the first and second iphones over your products. You are still a little bent that the iPad and iPad2 are besting any other tablet on the market.

With all these companies trying to ramp up a better product, you have allegedly surpassed the iPhone in speed and power, while claiming that Android has also taken the iPhone in sales as well. It’s interesting, that you count Android numbers by the total amount of sales, and not individually count each companies handsets. So your numbers are skewed Android heads. And now with Android’s new Developer site, you are starting to be able to put together Apps in a similar way that iOS Apps are created. I congratulate your JAVA developers on starting the long road to having a platform which seamlessly works together; you know the way iTunes & the App Store do for the iOS.

One of the reasons I will consistently pick Apple products, now more than ever, is because the Apps are better. I know there are some apps that are on both platforms, but also Apple makes sure that my experience is not only powerfully pleasant, but that there are standards so that I know I’m getting a superior brand. Android just seems to be a method by which all the sub-par companies keep up with apple. Google – i love you, but you are better than this. I am waiting for you to update Google Apps, get a clue with mobile devices and kick it into gear. I am waiting Google. I love Google+, i’m loving the Google Apps (for Docs and Apps, wish i could say the same about SITES).

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