I kinda want @Google to buy @Quip

Quip gained some buzz when it first launched because it was created by Bret Taylor, the former CTO at Facebook and an engineer who helped build Google Maps. –  [Sarah Mitroff “Collaborative word processor Quip arrives on Android” | CNET]



Quip is now on iOS, Android, and the web at https://quip.com. Don’t get it confused with Twitter’s new Quip app which is for iPad.

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Fitocracy. Fitness Motivation


My roommate recommended something to me today which I have found quite interesting & useful. It’s called Fitocracy.

At first it sounded like yet another one of those sites to track your workout. But it goes FAR BEYOND the normal sites. There are all kinds of cool badges, and all kinds of groups that you can join.

There is an iOS, Android, and Chrome App, and you can also log in directly from the web.

This app/site is a fun and interactive way to challenge yourself, find people to talk about work out stuff without feeling out of place, or stupid, and start working on becoming a better you.

The groups within Fitocracy are pretty amazing, there are a ton of them, and they are versatile – everything from wacky in nature to really serious. The challenges are interesting as well.

Check it out!
(click here to join, so i get credit: http://ftcy.me/HAA6vY if you do join, add me: jiggskc)

(REPOST/Comment): The one thing Apple must do to keep me as an iPhone customer I’ve been a faithful iPhone owner for over five years, but unless the next model has this feature, I’m switching to Android.

This is a response to some of the comments in the post on CNET :

The one thing Apple must do to keep me as an iPhone customer

I’ve been a faithful iPhone owner for over five years, but unless the next model has this feature, I’m switching to Android.

Here are the comments i’m responding to:



Whenever someone talks about copycatting it’s this bizarre idea, that the company that they are copying came up with all these notions all by themselves. Samsung didn’t invent the stylus. I think that copycatting, or manipulating technology out there in the marketplace, or soon to be out there in the marketplace and making it your own is a good frack’n idea.

Android heads always wanna act like iPhone is “copying” their screen size in one conversation, and then beat them up for not changing their screen size in another conversation. If Apple came out with an SD card slot, they’d be copy catting Android, even though many products use an SD card slot. I’m not saying they will ever do this – we even see Android losing the amount of SD card compatible products in their line. Samsung and Sony do seem to be two companies pushing SD or micro SD card support.

I switched away from my iPhone 4, being very much an Apple Fan Boy, and have now “gone Google”. With a Chromebook Pixel, and an HTC One, i can tell you that there are some very good things about the Android system, and there are some bad things. There are some things hardware wise that Apple just does really well at. And some applications are only found on iOS or on the Mac Store; EVEN STILL.

Try finding a journaling app that beats out Day One. Not gonna happen. If you do find it on Android or on Chrome, please let me know.

After Steve Jobs died a number of things happened to Apple. They went even more corporate than normal. They are concerned about maximizing their earnings rather than making the best tech experience out there.

I’d like to see Apple start opening up their eco-system the way that Google is doing, so that it can be licensed through other carriers. Imagine being able to have and pay for apple type apps on WP or Android, the way Google does.

ImageI joined the Android side (the darkside) because in the long run i want to support open-source environments. I see Google getting along with the other kids in the sandbox, and offering data that is true and as accurate as possible. I know that Android isn’t as open-source as it used to be, but it really is something that works with other competitors well.

I’m really hoping that Photoshop goes cloud-based the way that Office 365 has. I would like to see the same for Final Cut Pro, or Sony Vegas. But, the truth is – these companies are fighting for market-shares in a fierce competitive environment that hinges on stock investments, and technologies of the future. Don’t get pissed at others for picking a different brand. it’s just lame.
Things i would love to see on the new iPhone5S:


  1. Widgets. Bring freak’n widgets. Make the icons move! The home-screen is looking really played out, and coating it with this sheer glassy paint is not going to do it justice. You’ve been making lots of money Apple, selling the same old thing with a different processor, and a different box, you’ve got to double down, and re-think the whole system.
  2. Open up. Play nice with others. There is this ridiculous idea that everyone has to work with Apple products, but Apple products don’t have to work with PC or ChromeOS, or Android, or WP. Stop being asses, and open up. Or shut up, and sulk in the corner as everyone leaves.
  3. I’d like to see users able to select their choice of app for default. In the Apple or iOS environment, the OS defaults to the Apple App. This is great if you make the best app for everything. That used to be somewhat the case. Apple used to make AMAZING apps for things. You’d say: “Yeah, but that app comes free on a mac” and everyone would kinda look at their shoes because they had to shell out a grip for something that does that. Not the case anymore. If you love creativity, let others make apps that can be the default. This breeds competition, it allows those out there making apps to gun for the users. If you have to go find the app, and click on it to use it, it ruins the experience. In Android, it will ask you: do you want to open this/use this with – and list all the possibilities. You can have the system ask you just this time, every time, or you can select the app you want to perform this action, and it will always use that option (until you change it). AWESOME! DO that! I don’t care if Android heads call you a copy cat, do that and don’t look back.
  4. Allow users to delete Apple Apps. They’ll still be in the cloud, in itunes, and on the App store. They won’t have to pay for them to download them again, they’ll just not be on your device anymore. Because if your apps suck and i’m not going to use them, i don’t want to keep them on my device. You can do analytics on how many people delete your apps, and what apps they are using instead, and maybe this will help you make better apps.
  5. Sync better. Dear God, Apple learn how to sync things. I’ve had to deal with multple versions of everyone’s email addresses, multiple calendar stuff. All kinds of duplicates on my device, on my mac and on my iPad. Sync. I’ve paid for .Mac, Mobile Me, and now that iCloud is free, you’d expect that everything JUST WORKS. it doesn’t. fix it. Doesn’t anyone actually test their products anymore? One other thing: a freebie – in the Apple/iOS/Mac-verse if something is broken, it’s just broken. You go into discussions and talk on message boards but many times, it’s just broke, everyone knows it, and they are waiting till next year when the new one comes out to fix it. FIX IT NOW!!! Get someone on it. I don’t care if you have to hire Scott Forestall back, hire someone to fix the problems. This idea that it’s just broke, and that’s that is lame.

Things i’m looking to do in the future. I want my iPhone to slip into a DSLR, and become the camera. Similar to what Sony is doing by making lenses for smartphones. I want an iPhone to do this on a prestigious lens line like Canon, Nikon, Sony.

I’d like to see easier ways to cut a video and put it on the internet. I’m thinking something that works well with VideoPress. I’m thinking about what you do with photos, and making share-able slides and stuff. We want video filters, and transitions that look sharp.!

Siri needs to be much more like Google Now. We’ve got the ideas just start implementing them. And she needs to be able to listen to what is actually said better. I’m having to repeat myself over and over, and it looks like i’m arguing with my hand in the grocery store.

And finally, MAPS – you gotta get better at maps. Maps for people who drive, who train, who bus, who look for businesses, people who climb, who GPS, for people who want to dig, for people who need map info, and those who just want to look at a pretty map. You are close, but you gotta get better data, quickly. Do you know how many people use their smartphone to get places?

Maybe before switching away from Google Maps, you can test out your new map product for awhile to make sure it works. Loan it out to a couple of your close jetsetter friends. Network with places that have data on stuff. And for Goodness sake, stop getting into fights with Google.

Allow people to default to Google stuff if they want to. When i purchased my HTC One, i had plans on going back to Apple when the new iPhone came out. I really did. I thought, i’ll go back, i’ll buy an iPhone, and i’ll be back into all my iOS stuff.

All that has changed. I’m not seeing Apple in the same light anymore. Even though i don’t really like Larry Ellison, i can see his point when he says that we have already seen how Apple fares without Steve Jobs. Apple with Steve jobs is way up here, Apple without Steve Jobs, way down here. Apple with Steve Jobs again, way up here. And now we are seeing Apple without Steve Jobs again.


VipRiser CUP-PDF Work Around | Print Adobe Reader Docs to PDF

I just found this work around to printing a document from Adobe Reader into a PDF. You see, for some reason Adobe does not allow you to fill out a PDF, and print to PDF. There are natural controls in the OS which allow you to do this if you have a Mac, but Adobe Reader has disabled these, and if you try and force save the document, in will only save a blank form.

So how do you get the form, which you may have just spent your hard earned time filling out – as I have just done, to print to PDF (with all the mark-up information intact)? Well your answer used to just be CUP-PDF, but it is a complicated process, and hard to explain. I just found VIPRISER as a work around. It’s an easy download, and VipRiser will print to Dropbox, or to a folder on your Mac. It can also be used to run scripts to automate other processes as well. I’ve posted the information I’ve found on another site, and cloned it below:


Use VipRiser As CUPS-PDF Replacement 


The VipRiser has the same basic functionality as the CUPS-PDF (described in this earlier hint) printing package has, but it is more user friendly and easier to install. You can download the installer here.

Once installed, there’s both an application (named VipRiser) and a print driver. You need to create the virtual printer in System Preferences » Print & Fax before using it the first time. Just hit the plus sign and add it. The installer walks you through this. The new printer is named ‘Print to VipRiser’ and once installed, you just select it like any other printer. The VipRiser application has to be running or the virtual printer will be paused, so you may want to put the application in your Login items.

The VipRiser has some fancy features such as sync with your iPad or DropBox, but you don’t have to use them at all. The trick is to select regular folder instead of the DropBox one, where all output files will be stored. You can also use AppleScript or Automator workflows as plugins to do any custom processing. (e.g. upload files to a server).

[crarko adds: I tested this on 10.6.4, and it works as described. I needed to reboot to get it to print after installation, but thereafter it was good. I used both the Dropbox and iPad (also iPhone) destinations. I’ve mirrored the download here, but check the original source in case there are updates.]

The Verge: A Google+ Back & Forth over Platforms « the Squished Diorama

This one goes out to all those guys who desperately want to tell me how much better Android is than Apple iOS. From the stats that they want to give me touting how fast their lil contraption goes, or how everyone is on Android and the number keeps on growing. Yes, I understand that a lot of companies are riding on this Android OS of Google’s. Android seems to be like the Constructicons of the Transformer family; just waiting to join together all their stats and numbers to become this huge Transformer to take on any one of the Autobots by force. I get it. You wanna be top dawg, and you kinda still resent how everyone loved the first and second iphones over your products. You are still a little bent that the iPad and iPad2 are besting any other tablet on the market.

With all these companies trying to ramp up a better product, you have allegedly surpassed the iPhone in speed and power, while claiming that Android has also taken the iPhone in sales as well. It’s interesting, that you count Android numbers by the total amount of sales, and not individually count each companies handsets. So your numbers are skewed Android heads. And now with Android’s new Developer site, you are starting to be able to put together Apps in a similar way that iOS Apps are created. I congratulate your JAVA developers on starting the long road to having a platform which seamlessly works together; you know the way iTunes & the App Store do for the iOS.

One of the reasons I will consistently pick Apple products, now more than ever, is because the Apps are better. I know there are some apps that are on both platforms, but also Apple makes sure that my experience is not only powerfully pleasant, but that there are standards so that I know I’m getting a superior brand. Android just seems to be a method by which all the sub-par companies keep up with apple. Google – i love you, but you are better than this. I am waiting for you to update Google Apps, get a clue with mobile devices and kick it into gear. I am waiting Google. I love Google+, i’m loving the Google Apps (for Docs and Apps, wish i could say the same about SITES).

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