Apple and the iPhone 5 – getting out the kinks.

The iPhone 5 is finally here, and there are problems. Yes, it’s big – like an Antenna gate – this whole Maps situation. Even worse, is that we are finding other problems aside from the Maps app. These might just be haters, trying to knock Apple off it’s platform, but to be honest, Steve Jobs was the one that held that company to it’s standards, and I’m starting to see the cracks showing for sure. At first it would be little things. Like a glitch, or a patch that didn’t come out for a couple months, when it should have truly been fixed right away. But then it started to become big things – like why Mobile Me didn’t sync really well at all, and it was a paid service – for syncing your stuff. Google syncs their stuff brilliantly – why Apple can’t get on the same page, is beyond me.

Yes, I’m finding a couple of things that I dislike about the Apple side of things. And once, again, I’ve considered moving my whole system over to Android, and quite possibly even foregoing a future purchase of an Apple Mac Mini for the cheaper, and less functional Chromebox. It’s cheaper. I mean I could sell my iPad, and sell my iPhone 4 and pick up a Nexus 7, HTC One X, and a Chromebox for much less than just the Mac Mini would cost. But i’d have to replace all those apps. And then i’d be relying on Google’s interface. And as much as we hold Apple to this perfection – we kinda let Google slide on it, because we know that they are putting together good data. The charm, the overall appearance might be blocky, but the insides, the figures are right. And i guess that’s where the two differ. We are seeing this with Maps. Google Maps may look clunkier, a little less fresh and vibrant – but the thing works like a charm.

And so i tinker with it back and forth, back and forth, and ultimately i decide I’m an Apple guy. They’ll have to figure this all out, and I’m going to have to hold it to em. The New iPhone went on sale, and I wanted to wait out there with the crowds, but you know – the landscape has changed since the 3G. Life is a little different in the Apple camp. It’s no longer the same type of fans that hard charge the stores. There are EVERYONE fans. Apple is BIGGER than life now. They aren’t the underdog, it isn’t like we have the same kind of glow as a group anymore. The ranks are bigger and less refined. 

And maybe that’s what’s happening with Apple, is that it has become Microsoft. It has become the big corporate mega-bundle, who has to be everything for everyone. And that’s how Android is able to attack it so easily. Because if you are essentially just going to make one phone, then you can’t be everything for everyone. And if you keep everything the same, you are just selling the same thing to all the sheep. And if you change everything, you are going to have to explain why the price is so high. And they’ll invariably assault your love for capital, and for shaking the change from everyone’s wallets.

But we do want the things to work. We want them to work right, and if they don’t, we kinda want them fixed – quickly. Put a patch out there, fix the dang thing, and get back to us. New, and Improved . . . whatever. We know that you are working on a lot of products, and the scrutiny is right there on you on every corner and every nick and every piece you ship out. And we love you, Apple – at the heart of it all, we love that you are the big guy taking the heat for everyone else and forging ahead with technology. Google will always be the one that wants to goat you into a race, for a product you didn’t design to be the fastest or the most freshest tech on the market. We just want it to work, and wow us all the same. 

And up until now you have done just that. I’m waiting patiently for my iPhone 5. This is the first year, I’ve sold an iPhone on Gazelle to get the new one. We’ll see how that process goes too. I’m waiting for them to put the money into my account. But if it works like it should, I should come out spending much less, with better tech in hand. (Just please, Tim Cook and team – get some USB 3.0 in your next Mac Mini; and i’ll scoop it up, and my upgrades will be complete for a little bit.)


The CLOUD: The Most Insecure Place to Put Your Trust

I’m hearing SCARY STUFF in terms of SECURITY, or the lack of PRIVACYon +Google Drive and other Cloud Products.

Remember when they said that #TheCloud was going to be safe and secure, and encrypted – so that you can use the cloud and not have anyone snooping around your documents. It’s one of the major selling points for +Google Docs: Give up your server and allow the professionals to do it (namely +Google Developers) who will make sure your information is safe and secure – while you handle the business matters that pertain to what your business does.

WELL NOW THEY ARE LIARS! WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? Everyone who IS “the cloud” seems to be rolling over and handing access to our personal and professional data like the (cell phone companies have done years prior). It wasn’t too long ago (2006) when Google refused to hand over records about the search requests of millions of its users to federal prosecutors. But times have certainly changed. It’s as if MY PRIVACY, and MY RIGHT TO MY PRIVACY is meaningless. If you ever get a judge in court to look over one of these privacy concerns, they are either highly uninformed and understand nothing of the workings of the internet and the past two decades or kick out platitudes like: “If you didn’t want it to be public, why would you post it online?”, or both.

What I want to say is: “Well, you technophobe & half wit, we have the technology to make sure that this information is encrypted, but we seemingly don’t have the integrity behind the bench, in the legal system nor through the technology companies we place our trust in, (who, incidentally, are the very one’s who originally pitch the security of the cloud) to keep it encrypted.”

Handing over my data to +The United States of America – USA is a deal breaker. Nobody, seemingly can keep their grubby lil’ hands out of my cloud. it’s absolutely unnerving! Continue reading “The CLOUD: The Most Insecure Place to Put Your Trust”