Life Plan: a PDF

Hi, I am Hans Glint. I am a life planning coach and author of What Do You Want To Do With Your Life?. For years I was wondering what to do with my life. To find my answer, I travelled around the globe in both directions, read hundreds of books and thousands of articles in the pursuit of an answer. I came to realize that there is no one answer to this question to find “out there” you need to create your answer yourself by making a conscious decision about the life you want to live.

Now this might be obvious, yet making this conscious decision about your life is the most delicate and difficult task.

How do you actually do that? You will want to organize your numerous thoughts about your life, you will want to get clear on your alterantives for your life in order to be able to make the decision.

To help you in this endeavor, I have written “What Do You Want To Do With Your Life?”. This is a 136-page workbook that will help you organize your thoughts and visualize your alternatives. You will then be able to make your decision on the life you want to live. The book is very much a straightforward, hands-on approach to life planning.

My personal mission is to help people of all ages to decide what to do with their lives. I am therefore giving the workbook away for free. You can download the 136-page workbook in PDF format right here for free. I even encourage you to pass the book on to your friends.