Dear Rachelle, OR “Liberal & homosexual enough”





Dear Rachelle,

Upon further reflection I felt hypocritical by not helping you with your Internet research day.

First off,  for the purpose of this discussion I’m going to be open, honest and sincere. As with everyone: I do have my biases. Feel free to post links with your own views,  but don’t expect me to jump onto your ship,  and don’t throw a tantrum if I disagree.

I’m not going to censor myself or not talk about things we shouldn’t talk about; especially,  if doing so is not polite. Please refrain from name calling, unless it is in making of a point,  slander, or contempt for those who don’t see eye to eye with your views. if you are willing to do the same without snarkiness, satire, sarcasm,  or using a mob mentality to belittle other thought processes,  please continue.

The terms “Conservative”, “Liberal”,  “Conservativism?” & “Liberalism” can be tricky to define,  given the current time’s monoculture, the race for votes and not for truth, the amount of money and influence poured into molding perception and the deceptive practices by both. On a cursory Google search, I found many inconsistencies between definitions of these words / positions /platforms.  I thought we could flush out some of the chaff here in this space. Feel free to comment or bring others into the conversation.

I added “homosexuality” as an easier identifiable qualifier,  I didn’t mean it to be a slam or slurr. You don’t have to be gay to be online with a viewpoint which meshes with the homosexual agenda. You are,  however, in most cases, required to get indignant when homosexuals aren’t treated like a race of people. Hand shaking and using the word bigot is part of the new social defense landscape.

Would my gay friends agree,  or lash out at these statements with fist waiving,  kill the beast sort of rhetoric?

(it’s sort of in the same vein as what would Jesus do? WWJD. But, with more “Let’s cripple him” ).

There is, however, a gay culture which has been developing, quite a strong political voice over the last several decades, to the extent of recent Sweden School dropping gender pronouns &
Washington State Now Has Gender-Neutral Laws.

I’m not trying to push a religion nor a sexual preference here. I’m not saying I don’t think gays should be able to get married nor am I attacking feminism. I do think words matter,  and I am a fan of pluralism.

I’m trying to focus on this “my way or the highway” sort of position we often have labeled “civil rights”. There is I would have to say, a gay agenda which wants change now,  as opposed to a gradual change over the next couple decades.

This changing of the guard seems to be in the same strain as a coup d’etat or toppling of a power structure; without changing the countries name or rewriting the Constitution (which I am interested in because I think our Judicial System and Government is corrupt & beyond repair and obviously unconstitutional in most respects).

Everything is getting more complicated, and decisive. Truth is sacrificed for efficiency or for dodging culpability.

I understand there are politically Conservative people who also belong to LBGT,  but let’s focus on the bigger picture / demographic, shall we?  we are stereotyping here for the sake of brevity.

I suggest starting here:

Google+ own +Jeremy Hall brings up an interesting if not limited view:


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And yet I still like comments like this one by Superdestroyer:


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And unfortunately, this is the sort of response I get:




Jacob Applebaum on Surveillance

Continue reading “Jacob Applebaum on Surveillance”



“I, [say your name] do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.”

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(below is the executive order Obama Implemented that hasn’t seen any press as far as i’ve seen. I’ve cut and pasted this text from


Udacity & Khan Academy

One of the things that fuels my political point of view is this idea that we should have HARVARD EVERYWHERE. I have questioned, numerous times, and had conversations with people in a debate, theoretical, and philosophical manner regarding what it would take to push education that far.

Instantly, I am met with the problems that come with Capitalism. “The rich would stop you” one of my friends had stated. “There just isn’t going to be a way to side step the fact that people with wealth feel like they should have more privilege than those without. And part of that privilege is having an ivy league, or a prestigious degree from a prestigious university.” Harvard, he postulated would have to kick it up a notch, thus you would have education for all, but a much better education for the wealthy.

Over the last couple of years I have been engaged in study on crowd sourcing, expert sourcing, and utilizing technology to automate, and explore options to create something in the cloud that competes with traditional business models, economic models, and educating myself by means other than spending a slew of money on what i have deemed a “piece of paper that says I’m smart.”

We’ve heard people say that paying for an education these days just isn’t worth it. The amount of debt that you have coming out of your University or College puts you into a role of an indentured servent to your own degree. There is also the “college experience” which has been overly glamorized, and the role of partying during your path to being a scholar. In fact, the cheating and the pretense that comes with college doesn’t really promote good learning strategies, or skills which are particularly useful in the real world. I have often wondered why this is considered as the route to assertaining whether or not a person is a great pick for employment or not. Many people don’t get into a job in their major, and this begs the question: Are we really learning enough in college to justify the cost?

Text books and tuition have been a way to extort students into paying into this big business of teaching our youth, citizens, and giving them credentials to lead productive lives. But it’s not based off of whether or not you can actually do anything, other than jump through these strange albeit expensive hoops. While Listening to Bill Handle on KFI 640, I heard a beautiful story about Sebastian Thrun, and Sal Khan. Continue reading “Udacity & Khan Academy”