What Happened to Our Virtues, America?

Lying. How often does this occur in our society? How many lies do you tell a day? How many lies do you hear? How many times are you told something, when you know for a fact that they know that it is a lie … by your parents, your boss, your superiors, the government, television, society?  We know in our gut things are not right. We know that there is money being pilfered, stolen and misdirected, and many times we know that our lives have less truth than we would like them to have. It’s affecting our society, our laws, our religion and our principles. How many mistruths do you sell? And at what Cost?

Is this the corner we’ve painted ourselves into – where computers are assumed to tell the truth, and yet humans lie – all the time. Where corruption is done on every local level, and no-one speaks out for truth, liberty or justice for all. What kind of America am I living in right now?  What happened to our virtues?

Ben Woodward

At the end of the day what does the city, really, gives us back? Why do we continue to fight for it? There are no more opportunities; the dream has been sold out. And now what? Well, stop looking for something that doesn’t exist and start giving value to what’s being done now. Instead of asking for one more chance we have to be the ones that actually give that chance. We have to allow ourselves to listen to what the others have to say. It can be a comic book, an exhibition or a mural. It’s time to stop and make time to see what’s on the other side of the mirror. In the big cities each day is a brand new day full of surprises, full of endless opportunities. At the end of the day it’s on us to make that choice. goo.gl/qHc4A

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