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JammerUp: The Roller Derby Board Game by Niki Gallo Hammond — Kickstarter

At first when I saw this hexagonal board-game with a Roller Derby theme, I didn’t think anything of it. The pieces were rounded colorful stones, and it just seemed to miss the point. I mean Roller Derby is about hot girls competing in a circle by utilizing speed, brawn, and sheer will to bump the other player off course, or to Streak to the lead by collecting more points. A game that replaced the girl with rounded colorful stones, missed the mark.


This changes the idea of a board-game entirely, because NOW, I can be that hot roller girl and pass up the others or bump them off course in the confines of my own nerd-dome, or lair. I say this with some jest. It is a cute way to spend some time with your fellow roller derby fans. Grab some beers and fight for the lead.

With the new miniatures, We start to get a Last Night On Earth feel to the game. Miniatures add an element of fantasy to the board-game and give it added depth. I know, it’s starting to sound like a D&D game. But check this out – the plan for PHASE 2: is to put together a game that can play on iOS and Android. Now – that’s even BETTER!

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